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Marketing for animal rescue advocates: SEO, Social Media, Fundraising  & Blogging Tips To Save Lives. Marie Macaspac is the ARM's founder. She is also the Marketing Director for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, CA. ARM is a  resource to help other rescues learn the value of marketing to increase adoptions, donations and visibility. Together, we'll save more animals!

Stand out! Be controversial!

OK,  you don't have to go naked in public (unless you want to) to save animals, like PETA. But in the quest to be HEARD and NOTICED, creative and clever ways to tell your story grabs the attention of readers, the  media, and your potential sponsors and adopters.

63-year-old gives birth to sextuplets

From Mike Arms, CEO of the Helen Woodward Animal Center: “There was a woman who brought in a nine-year-old Rottweiler with six puppies. A staffer said, ‘Who’s going to want a nine-year-old mama Rottweiler with six puppies?’ Not many people, that’s who. But the headline read: 63-year-old gives birth to sextuplets. The media loved it. They just ate it up.”

Animals at a gay pride parade? YES!

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade Muttvile Senior Dog Rescue

You don't have to promote your cause in obvious locations. Potential pet guardians can be found beyond your local pet stores. Plus, you are seeking the attention of  SPONSORS looking for non profits to support. Muttville and the San Francisco SPCA and municipal shelter, SFACC, take part in the city's Gay Pride Parade. How controversial you get is up to you. Muttville thought it was ok and appropriate at this event to use these "play on words" for signs (they were very mild compared to what is typically seen at this parade!)

Always be positive

If you want people to notice you, make them feel good about themselves. Being controversial to attract attention using negative visuals only makes people want to TURN AWAY. Don't show photos of animals appearing dirty, in pain, or sad. If you can use professional photographers, it can make a huge difference. Use images that make people smile, and they will want to share it and spread the love.

Muttville promo