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"10 Years On a Chain" (Yes, there is a happy ending!)

"10 years on a chain. No blanket, no toys, not even a bone. Often no food or water."

I really love this video. And even though it is still hard for me to watch the beginning, it is a great video, thanks to people who took the time to take video, even at moments when your emotions are overwhelmed by what is at hand.  It is a great example that shows video quality isn't nearly as important as you think, especially in this day and age of Youtube and iPhones.  Capturing moments and being mindful to take any footage at all times can lead to ideas down the road. Look at the amazing results of many moments spanning a year  that were brought together in this short video – An unforgettable tribute to neglected dogs who live on chains with  no future in sight - til their angel advocates, people like YOU, come to their rescue and give them the happy life they so deserve.

"...And the time before did not count at all." What a great line to end this video with the smiling face of Judith.