about ocean blue

About our mascot, Ocean Blue

My name is Ocean Blue. I always dreamed of having a job. For years I lived on the streets with no human to follow. And no animals to herd! What's an Aussie to do????

I was a lucky mutt. I was chosen by Muttville to be rescued after I was picked up by the local shelter. The shelter said, "Who wants this old dog? Nobody..." Muttville said, "WE DO!!"

Who knew there were people who wanted to rescue SENIOR DOGS! WOW! And then after I arrived at Muttville, my future mom saw me. She was a foster volunteer, and she took one look at me and said, "I gotta clean this girl up!" (apparently I looked like a mess! How would I know? I hadn't looked in a mirror in years!) The vet said I was full of disease and needed immediate medical attention. And to my surprise, I was actually supposed to have fur! I forgot what it was like to have fur, it had been so long. 

Well, my mom said she saw a star student waiting for a very fulfilling and rewarding job....so she hired me!!! It turns out she wasn't just a foster mom, she was also the Marketing Director for Muttville and the founder of AnimalRescueMarketing.com! Did I hit the jackpot or what??

She sent me to school at the San Francisco SPCA, where I got straight A's (Just ask my teacher, Stacey Campbell)

When I graduated, I became an intern at Muttville. Now I am officially an Animal Rescue Advocate!

As an animal rescue advocate, I focus on:

• promoting adoptions of rescue animals
• fostering and volunteering for animal rescue organizations
• promoting senior dog rescue and adoption
• helping my boss/mom Marie promote our animal rescue causes through marketing

I also developed my own ongoing campaign to educate people who choose to give up their senior pets. There are many ways to keep them or find them new homes. Giving them up to a shelter should be a last resort. Instead, they can work with rescues by giving equal efforts and resources to find new homes for their pets.