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Read about Animal Rescue Marketing 's founder, Marie Macaspac and her dog Ocean Blue. Marie is also the Marketing Director of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, CA/

About Marie Rochelle Macaspac

Hi there! I’m Marie Rochelle Macaspac and I started the website AnimalRescueMarketing.com as a resource for animal rescue advocates, providing marketing advice on fundraising, blogging, design and social media for the animal welfare community. I also own Switchblade Creative Studios, a design and marketing agency that specializes in work with nonprofit organizations and socially responsible businesses. Animal Rescue Marketing caters to animal welfare organizations and advocates to offer the best strategies in our mission to save animals.

I started my life as an animal advocate when I was eight years old. I signed up by good ol' snail mail to join PETA and ASPCA. I started serving the animal rescue community in San Francisco as both a volunteer and professional in 2006. I also became vegetarian and eventually vegan - 100% for the animals.

Since 2008, I have held the role of head Chief Marketing Mutt running the Marketing & Social Media for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.  I am proud to be instrumental in bringing widespread attention to the senior canine cause. I prefer to say that my “main” contribution to Muttville is as a foster and hospice mom. I have enjoyed fostering well over 100 dogs (I stopped counting!), and being a forever mom for hospice dogs whose end is near.

Since 2008, I have provided marketing support in various capacities for San Francisco’s municipal shelter, San Francisco Animal Care & Control. From being part of their social media team to marketing the annual event, Pet Pride Day, I have had the privilege to be instrumental in their work as a core member of the SFACC team.

Since 2015, I became the Marketing and Development consultant for Toni’s Kitty Rescue. I enjoyed being a foster mom and offering my marketing and fundraising help for many years before. Their cause is very dear to my heart.

Since 2018, I have been the Chief Marketing and Development Officer for The Sloth Institute, located in Costa Rica. I fulfilled a dream to be an integral part of an organization in a country that I love! And I have learned so much about sloths and how important animals are in the entire ecosystem of our planet.


A few of my accomplishments:


Marie's sidekick, Ocean Blue:
"In 2011, after 4 years as a foster mom,  I adopted my 40th foster dog, a 9-year-old Border collie/Aussie mix. I named her Ocean Blue.  She was a stray street dog in Modesto, CA, found emaciated and bald, and likely had been living on the streets for a year or more before being rescued by Muttville. “Oshi” was a proud Muttville volunteer and the model for many of ARM's positive message ads in support of rescue and the senior dog cause. In 2016, she passed away. She inspires me to keep going and to become an even better animal rescue advocate and hospice mom. Ocean’s spirit hints to me that she wants me to find another sidekick.